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03/03/2003 Entry: "KFC and drums"

I've had a wicked craving for some KFC recently. So tonight for supper, we splurged. They had buckets and meals and whatnot. They also had something called the "Mega-Meal." "What's that?" I asked. It was eight pieces of chicken, two mashed potatoes, gravy, cole slaw, four biscuits, and a chocolate cake. And it was onsale! $15! Deal! And, they had Susan's favorite: honey bbq wings. So I picked up a few of them too.

Back in the 60s, most drum makers made a wooden six lug "student snare." They were usually the same wood and finish as there professional eight lug bigger brothers; the only differencewas sometimes the snare strainer, and the number of lugs. For example, the Ludwig Jazz Festival (eight lugs) and the Ludwig "Pioneer" model. Same drum, just two lugs different. Rogers had the eight lug Powertone, and the six lug Luxor model. This guy is trying to collect one Luxor model in every color. And, to show the epitome of a wonderful wife who understands drum collecting, here's a shot of extra drums stashed under a living room table. (At least I keep mine hid!)

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I hate Bank of America too. It's a long story but basically they screwed me while serving overseas for this war and did NOTHING to allievate the situation.
On the advise of MANY service people who had similar storys, I switched to USAA. Check them out at USAA.COM. They are AWESOME! They treat their customers like they are owners of the company. Good luck.

Posted by Sean @ 03/14/2003 03:47 AM EST

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