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03/15/2003 Entry: "Drums, Charlie Manson, Drums, and Webmaster stuff"

Word from the drum maker came today: my Bearing Edge snare should ship next week.

You've not heard funny until you've heard an Australian ask "Would you toast my gobbler?"

Last month, I wrote an article for The Midcoast Review dealing with computer operating systems. I ended the article with a cliffhanger: I said a particular OS was direct from Satan, but didn't name it. In my follow up this month, I used the phrase "pit of Abaddon." My editor didn't know what that was. For those of you not familiar with the demon who rules over the pit of locusts from John's Revelation, chapter 9, you can see it here. (Incidentally, Charles Manson thought that the Beatles, in their song "Revolution 9," were quoting from the bible, and telling him that he [Manson] should raise "Helter Skelter" for them [the Beatles]. More here.)

Crazy props To Charles here in the office. He installed my wireless years ago, at no charge. (I was going to take him and his lovely wife, Lindsay, to dinner at Cafe Miranda, but we never got around to it.) Now, he's given me a drum kit! I know, I know, just what I need--another drum kit! It's a Pearl kit. It's not in very good shape. The kick drum is trashed. But the two rack toms and floor tom are ok. So I'm going to convert the floor tom to a small bass drum, and make a little travel/practice kit out of it. Now I need to pick a color. What would you pick?

I've been doing a little web master work too. See what you think of this.

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