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03/23/2003 Entry: "You do get an update after all!"

Up early this morning. Susan alarm went off, and I had to go, you know, so I just got up. She's whippin' together some nice baked thing for some guys at the trade show. You see, last year Harbor Millworks made this huge desk as a display. It had one little imperfection in it, so they wouldn't sell it. But they didn't want to drag it back to the shop. So, they gave it to me, and Susan uses it as her scrapbooking headquarters. I think she's making them a bannana bread to say "thank you."

My I vent a little? You see,I know some things about certain subjects. Let's for example say drums. (It really is just an example.) Let's say you need to buy a drumset for some non-profit organization you work for. So you call me up, and hire me to address your needs, figure out a budget, and buy the right equipment. Great. I do my job, and present you with my findings to get the ok before I really spend the money. Now let's say in your organization, there's a person involved with music somehow, but not a drummer. But, you know, they kinda now that there a things called "drums," and Ludwig is the name of one company that makes them, and that's about it. How should I feel when this other "expert" gets into things and starts telling me what I need to do different? I mean, they hired me for what I know Why won't they listen? If they want what this other person has to offer, fine! Pay me for the work I've done, and I'll get off the project. But if you want what I can offer, why don't you take it when I give it to you! Argh!

(I got so riled up over this last night, I had a little taste of my Booker's just to calm down.)

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You need to tell them that just as you did in the last sentance. It will also add credibility to your position as the one being hired by this company. It also calls into question why someone who knows Ludwig is a drum manufacturer is speaking up at all when they have hired a drum expert in the first place.

By not saying anything you add creedence to this other so called expert's opinion and degrade your own. That would be my off the cuff suggestion to answer your question of what do you do.

I mean if that is in fact what you asked.

Posted by Jim @ 03/23/2003 08:16 PM EST

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