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03/26/2003 Entry: "Cool News, Bad Day"

I'm having a heck of a day. A real gasser. Can I go away somewhere and never be found? Too bad.

At least they're honest. It should have included "crap" in the auction title. No paypal or checks! These people just scream "Let us do business with you!"

It's official, and I can mention it now. Rob Cook of Rebeats has published a book on the Ludwig drum company. Now in the late 70s, Ludwig bought the rights to build the GHOST drum pedal. I, of course, have the best online GHOST pedal resources. So in the section of the book discussing Ludwig's bass drum pedals, on page 238, he references my website. Also, I'm listed on page 297 as an "other Ludwig resource." Does that make me an acknowledged professional?

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Hi Billy,
I really enjoy your site. Congrats on getting a spot in Rob Cook's book. I've been playing ghost pedals for about 15yrs.It's still my favorite pedal. I also enjoyed your snare drum page. I actually own a Tama Rosewood 61/2x14 that I bought new in 1984. It's one of my favorite drums. I've never heard another wood snare sound like it. Hope your enjoying Sling Blade. What a classic movie. "Reckon I'll have some french fried Petaters" Since I collect ghost pedals, I got a call from Billy Jeansonne from Vintage drum magazine. He want's me to write an article about the pedal for an upcoming issue. If you dont mind, I would really appreciate your input.

Thanks and take care,

Posted by Jimmy Willis @ 04/04/2003 10:20 AM EST

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