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03/28/2003 Entry: "Dolin' Out Props!"

Let's start dealin' the props.

First, to my wife. You rock, and I love you.
Next, to my buddy Jim. Thanks for the use of your woodworking tools and supplies during the recent drum renovation project.
To Paddy, who has a new Blog: Double Taps. I'll get a permanent link up here right quick.
To Charles, who gave me a free drum set. I know, this is like the fourth time I've mentioned it. But the guy gave me $300 worth of drum stuff for free.
Harvey, my main man at the best music store in the world, Northern Kingdom Music in Rockport Maine. He's going to hook me up with some free drums too, and that rocks Neddick. Also, no matter what I need, he tries to hook me up with it. Loyalty, my friends. Harvey's got it. (As do all of those listed above.)

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i couldnt help but notice that im not on the list.... boooo!

Posted by mlg @ 03/29/2003 01:36 AM EST

Are you kidding? What did I do for you recently? A thank you email? Nope. Props on your blog. Nope. Props on my blog? Nope. Man, I've got half a mind to walk out to Colorado myself and pee in your lasagna! And with the other half of my mind, I'm gonna do somethin' else really bad, but I haven't decided what yet... :-)

Posted by BR @ 03/29/2003 09:25 AM EST

whoa Whoa WHOA! wait just a doggone minute. check out the comments on your 03/21/2003 entry, i think you will see that i did provide you with the props.... in a timely fashion. you just missed them... now how does that make me feel? although, if you did want to come out here to pee in my lasgana, it would be a small price to pay for your company.

Posted by mlg @ 03/29/2003 11:40 AM EST

Ok, I'll fix it.

Posted by BR @ 03/29/2003 12:09 PM EST

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