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03/27/2003 Entry: "The best laid (drum) plans..."

I told you about this drum set that Charles gave me? And how I decided to modify the floor tom into a bass drum. Here's what I've learned from this experience:

1) The lugs are not the same size on a bass as on a floor, so 16 extra holes had to be drilled. This was not too bad.
2) The spacing of where floor tom legs go, and where bass drum spurs go are no where near the same. 8 more holes drilled. (This was a pain.)
3) The floor tom lugs are much closer to the rim of the drum than bass drum lugs are. Result? Bass drum t-rods are too long to use with new bass hoops I bought. Old floor tom tension rods are too short. Luckily, they make a size in between. Too bad I don't have any.
4) Since distance between lugs and rim are closer on tom than bass, bass drum claws are also too long. Luckily, I do have some extras of those around, and they were short enough to fit.

So the only original parts that I won't get to use are the bass claws. Not a huge deal. Especially for a free kit.

But today wasn't all bad. :-)

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