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04/04/2003 Entry: "Someone bought a bass? Who, Who?!"

Thanks to Shawn from the Asbestos Den for linking back to me! I've known Shawn for years. First, as a trombone player. (You know the definition of a gentleman? Someone who can play the trombone, and doesn't! :-) ) Then, for a while in early high school (may have been Jr. High even) I dated his younger sister. Shawn's also the local Libertarian. Whenever I take any kind of "what political party are you" quiz, I always come out Libertarian. Maybe that's how he found me.

So, Paddy went and bought hisself a new bass. It's a 1951 reissue Fender Precision--the first year they made it. Notable: it has a slab body. Most electric guitars have routed edges along the back to make it more comfortable to play. This one is just a chunk o' wood. One pickup. Two bridge saddles. By todays standards, it's downright primitive. Primitive and funky beautiful! Man, I'm so glad he ordered this. It will look so good in The Rhythm Kings. Match this with either my '58 WFLs, or my almost finished Pink Sparkle Charlie Jones Signature kit, and put the whole band in Zoot Suits, and we'll be burnin'!

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You told! You told! I'll never trust you again!

Well, at least not for the next 14 minutes ...

Posted by Paddy @ 04/04/2003 05:08 PM EST

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