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04/02/2003 Entry: "Reasons 4 Love #1"

"Every Wednesday those who are involved in a relationship with somebody share a few (simple but significant) reasons for their love."

I love Susan because:

She lets me call her Susan--everyone else calls her Sue.
We're so in tune with each other, neither of us can sleep when the other is not in the bed.
Even though I sometimes leave my dinner dishes out until morning, she tries very hard not to chastize me.
She's a great kisser.
She'd be willing to have a another child just for me. (Of course, she's since realized she'd like to have another, too!)

Replies: 2 people have rocked the mic!

Those are great reasons! I'll just bet that Susan has some great reasons of her own for loving you! ;o)

Posted by Maria @ 04/04/2003 07:39 AM EST

AAAWWWW! That is so sweet!

Posted by Michelle @ 04/04/2003 09:45 PM EST

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