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04/04/2003 Entry: "You know what really frosts my shorts?"

Some punk sent out a spam message about copying DVDs. He sent it with an adress of something like a85nfue92-dmso@billyrhythm.com. This puke then decides to send this to every frikin' AOL user their is. Of course, real people don't stay with AOL long (SLAM!), so a bunch of them get bounced back. And, since I have a catch-all box, all these bounced messages come to me! Twerp. And of course, there's nothing I can do to fix it. Email is so easy to hoax. Just put in a fake address, and a bad return address, and spam away. Of course, a decent ISP would notice you sent 20,000 emails all at once, and shut you down. But what does AOL or Yahoo care? What does anyone care? Oh, woe is me! My life is falling all around me! Before you know it, the price of milk in Maine will go up, and I'll be ready to end it all! I'm sure next the US will start rationing chocolate for the war effort, and I won't be able to have any. And then, all snare drums will be consumed by fire from heaven. This has got to be the end.

See you tomorrow.

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