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04/05/2003 Entry: "Gig last night, today's update"

What a wild gig last night! The crowd was hoppin'! Glen, the scheduled bass player was sick, so Tim filled in. It was good to play with Tim. He's a rock solid, rock and roll bass player. When he's on, you don't have to worry about him. Sometimes, though, he dances with Captain Morgan a little too much. Not so last night. Just a good foundation, which every drummer loves. Notable things that went on: One guy got sick of waiting for the men's room, so he used the ladies' room. The management asked him not to do that again. Then, another guy decided to show the world his tattoo. Too bad it was on his bum. Again, management. This couple sat right in front of us. The guy was playing "how many buttons can I undo on your blouse to see the most cleavage". He did pretty well. She was wearing a red satin bra, and didn't seem too concerned that she was showing it to everyone. Also, there's this girl whose there at all our gigs. (She's probably at everyone's gigs there--I think she's a regular there, I mean.) She wears the same thing every time: a white tank top; blond hair in a pony tail; vinyl wind pants; tattoo on arm that's some kind of celtic/thorn ring thing. She's very in shape--she could whip me in a fight easy. Kinda Sporty Spice meets Emma Spice. Even when it's cold out (and it was last night--we've got snow here today), tank top.

After work today, I'll be going to the dump, then to see Jim, then home for a nap. I should be going to the funeral of a fellow Kiwanian, Ev Spear II. He was a great guy, but I'm just not up to it.

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I'm looking at purchasing a bronze snare and have on hold the exact snare you have from Pearl. Do you like it? I've had in the past the Ludwig Hand Hammered Bronze snare and sold it to a missionary who traveled on the Logos ship.
I'm looking to replace it and the Pearl is $100.00 less than the Ludwig. What do you think?

David Nabit
Bro in Christ.

Posted by David Nabit @ 04/05/2003 05:14 PM EST

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