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04/07/2003 Entry: "SSI"

Thanks to Tay Vaughan! Tay is a local web designer, and we've been working on a project together. Tay's done the basic layout, and I'll do all the upkeep. He's included a server side include (ssi) for the navigation bars top and bottom, and his logo at the bottom. What that means, is if I ever need to change the navigation bar, I make a change to one file. Then, whenever a page is called, it looks for the ssi. That means I don't have to change the code on every page. So, I stole a bit of that knowledge for another site I'm working on. On this page, the navigation buttons and the car photos on the right are includes--the code's not written on the page itself. This nifty little trick is going to save me so much time! And I could use some free time!

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Thanks for putting my button up!! ((Hugs)) :o)

Posted by Maria @ 04/08/2003 06:54 PM EST

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