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04/12/2003 Entry: "The weekend off (almost)"

So, what's going on for Billy Rhythm this weekend? Well, work from 9-noon. Then run a few errands, as Julia and Susan are going to a birthday party. Then, we're heading to Augusta. We need some stuff at Sam's Club. While were in the city, I hope we have supper at Applebees. That would be swell!

Next week, I have the whole weekend off--no work, no gigs. I haven't had that since Florida, the first week of February. I'm gonna sleep late (8:30am maybe), make a big ol' breakfast, and relax. Then, I'll get some stuff done around the house. The yard looks like a winter just hit it. Oh, wait...

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MMMMMMMMM- Applbee's. Yummy! Enjoi!

Posted by michelle @ 04/13/2003 09:42 AM EST

Sounds wonderful!! Have a great one Billy! :o)

Posted by Maria @ 04/13/2003 12:55 PM EST

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