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04/17/2003 Entry: "Wellman's home."

OK, so that free time got spent. I installed a BBS system for one of my web clients. So, that' s all up and running, and I'm almost done with that whole project.

Wellman showed up today. It was the funniest (read: saddest) thing. I was doing my daily ebay check. When what do I spy? Wellman's twin brother! I called him on the phone right quick. "Hey, this is Bill. I just saw a drum just like mine on ebay. I still haven't received mine, not have I received the tracking number you were supposed to call me with last Friday. What's the deal?" He called back. "I've got that tracking number right here." Fumbling. "Um, I can't lay my hands on it. Let me call you back." I swear I am not making this up. I start searching for the Secret Service wire fraud department, the Attorney General of Georgia, and the Better Business Bureau of Georgia. I even went as far as thinking about registering a fake ebay name, and bidding exorbitantly high on this other drum. Then, my browser quit. Then the phone rang. It was Susan. "Call home, we've got news."

I called. He was home. More later.

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Don't leave me hangin' man! What happened!?!

Posted by mlg @ 04/17/2003 05:23 PM EST

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