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04/18/2003 Entry: "The good Friday drum post"

So about the drum...

I'll give you a full review later. I've only played it a little bit. I want to give it the full workout, then I'll report in.

My buddy Barry is playing a little gig in town to night. I have the weekend off!!!!!!! YAHOO!!! I'm going home to spend time with my beloved, and the Flower of Loveliness. Then, I'll check Barry out. (He'll actually be playing my Stewart Copeland snare.) Then tomorrow, we're going to see Rachelle and her Aussie husband Jim, and their three children Jubal, Nolan, and Akira (or something like that). Then in the afternoon, I plan on getting some yard work done. Or maybe it will rain and I'll just have to goof. off.

Good Friday. The day my Lord was crucified. I wish there was something deeper I could say.

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Tell us more about your Lord. How can we know him?

Posted by cronin @ 04/18/2003 10:23 PM EST

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