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05/09/2003 Entry: "New Blog online"

Buddy David Clarke (1/3 of Billy Rhythm's Rhythm Kings) has a new blog. I'll be adding it to my daily list of sites to visit.

Got a strange call last night. Seem an old buddy of mine was going to help out his girlfriend's daughter's girl scout troupe, and volunteer to DJ a dance for them. The girls were going to round up the equipment. Well, they rounded up a big home stereo. While it may be nice in a living room, there just ain't enough guts their to fill a hall. So Matt called to ask if I'd DJ it. Of course, my rates can't compete with free, and I'm sure they don't have much budget. Still, Matt was so desperate to pull this off for the girls, he said he'd pay me out of his own pocket. Now that didn't make me feel right. So I cut him this cool deal: I'm going to rent him my gear, set it up, show him how to use it, and tear it down. He stays and plays the tunes. He gets it for 1/2 what I'd usually get. He's happy, I'm mostly happy (I'd like to have the night off), and the girls get their dance.

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