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05/14/2003 Entry: "Mixing one's metaphors on American Idol"

On the English language, or the death thereof; I overheard this somewhere. Someone started the phrase ''She who rocks the cradle...'' and somone too caught up in 21st century lingo answered ''Rocks the world!'' I'm gonna rock your world, all right--with a frickin bomb!

Speaking of rocking the world. Here's what the rundown of how American Idol should end. Clay should be voted out. His performances last night were awful. His rendition of "Mack the Knife" had Bobby Darin rolling in his grave. Clay will not end a note quickly. He has to hold the last note of every phrase. "Oh, the shark bitesssssssssss, with his teeeeeeeth, dearrrrrrr." Listen! He really does do that. Second place? Reuben. The Velvet Teddy Bear has a good voice, but last night his performances were weak. It almost sounded like he had a clold. Kimberely Locke should win. She has the best voice, and the most artistic control. She can belt out all Southern Baptist gospel, and also get soft and breathy. She should win. IMHO. (And, she likes Sade and Maxwell, so you know she's aight!)

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I couldn't agree with you more! I do like Rueben though, I think he is just really tired!

Posted by Maria @ 05/14/2003 08:47 PM EST

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