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05/24/2003 Entry: "Mickey D's Blows!"

(This was actually written yesterday. I forgot to post it.)

I've been wanting a laserdisc of Dead Poets Society for a while. Why the laserdisc? Well, some LDs have the extra 14 or so minutes of footage that were restored after the original theatrical release. I'd been watching this one for what feels like a week. And, as you can see, it went cheap. And what happened? I forgot to bid!!! ARGH!

McDonalds. I'm a former employee (long time ago) and a current stock holder. What are they doing? Now wonder the stock's tanking, if their restaurants are anything like ours. Here's the scenario.

Two Fridays ago, Cam-Shaft made a gut grenade run to the Mickey Ds. When he got back, a bacon, egg and cheese (BEC) biscuit for Charles was NOT in the bag. I chided Cameron: "You always have to check the bags before you leave the drive thru. They're never right the first time." So we called and spoke to the manager. "We'll come get the biscuit," we told her. Well plans changed, and we couldn't break away from the office. On Monday, I called and spoke to the manager. "Would you please mail Charles a certificate for a free BEC? Sure, no prob, whatever.

Flash forward to today. No BEC certificate here yet. Jim's got a craving for an Egg McMuffin. I volunteer to go this time. That way, I can pick up the BEC card for Charles. I swing around the drive-tru, and it's backed up to Camden. So, I figure I'll go inside.

Bad mistake.

Inside, there's only one, really now--only ONE cash register open. People are backed up. There are about four people ahead of me who've ordered, but not gotten their order yet. So the girl takes one more order before me (that's five now waiting), and then decides to go ahead and fill those orders. OK, I'll be nice and wait. After she messes up those other orders (no hash brown on one, no strawberry jelly on another), she takes mine. The total is $14.50. I hand her a $20, and two quarters. She gives me back $15 in change. I look at her quizzically. "Oops," she says. "That should be a $1, not a $10. I give her the ten, and she closes it in her drawer. I'm still looking quizzical. "Oops. I still owe you a $1, don't I."

Yes, in fact you do.

So, I move out of the way, and let her take some other orders. Orders come, and orders go. I'm still waiting. Then, another manager spies me standing at the counter for a long time. She's been working there for years. She was there when I was there back in high school. "Hey Bill, what are you waiting for?" I told her. She looks at the screen, and my order's not there. Seems someone erased it, thus no one was filling it. So, they went into computer memory, found my order, and processed it. All the sandwiches and hash browns went into one bag. They were waiting for the burritos. They all went into another bag. While we were waiting for the burritos, the person filling my order (the same manager who said she'd send the certificate, but never did) asked if I wanted picante sauce with them. "Yes, mild please," I responded. A few moments later, she returned with the bag.

"Is the sauce in the bag?" I ask.

"Yes" she replied.

I got back to the office. The correct answer would've been "No, there's no sauce in the bag."

Which leads me to say "You always have to check the bags before you leave. They're never right the first time."

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