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05/24/2003 Entry: "I hope the rest of the day isn't like this or Dracula"

It's been raining here for 3 days or so. I, of course, have a DJ gig this afternoon. And, of course, I'm working at the office until noon. That means I'll leave straight from one to the other. And, becuase it's been raining, I've been putting off loading the truck, hoping to catch some slack in the drizzle. Rain Thursday night. Rain last night. So, I thought I'd wait until this morning--the last possible moment. Still rain. Ok, it had to be done. So, the pack in to the truck was in the rain.

Then I get to the office. I'm ready for coffee. This is Midcoast Internet, mind. Good coffee maker. Only good coffee, some might say some of the finest coffee. Mostly stuff roasted locally. Sometimes, Hawiian Kona, shipped from the island itself. This ain't no Maxwell House kinda place. So I get here, and there are no coffee filters!!! How can this be? We use a Bunn commercial grade maker. Thus, filters have to come from a retaurant supply house. So, they come in the giant box of 1000 or so. Someone, some where along the lines, used the last filter, and had to throw the cardboard box away. (Or, someone who runs the same machine as we do decided to take some home...)

Luckily, I had my espresso machine here at the office. It uses a steel mesh filter, so I brewed myself up a big ol' mug of think, black, unsweetened espresso. Yum!

I'm a big fan of Francis Ford Coppola's production of Dracula. Of all the Dracula's, this one seems to me the closest to Stoker's book. (Although, the little bit at the end, where Drac and Mina run into the castle together is a little bit of poetic license. Also, as I remember [it's been a while since I read the book--college], Mina wasn't as willing a victim as portrayed in the movie.) In the movie is a scene where Drac's carriage is picking up Johnathan Harker. When the horses ride up, there's something very eerie about them. It's as if their hooves aren't touching the ground; they're almost floating. I had heard that Coppola used old style camera tricks for all the special effects: no digital stuff. I wondered how that effect was done. So, I bought the Criterion laserdisc on ebay. All kinds of extra stuff, including director's comments. I haven't seen it all yet but so far...

...they don't tell you how they made that shot...

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Oh yeah!! Love that expresso!! Life without coffee = no life at all! *lol* ;o)

Posted by Maria @ 05/24/2003 02:43 PM EST

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