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05/25/2003 Entry: "My DJ Rig"

Thought you might like to see a picture of my DJ rig.

dj (21k image)

On the left is a Denon CD-425. I love this CD player. It started out in The Indigo. I liked it so much, I bought a second for my DJ rig. It worked so well, I bought a Denon HDCD changer for The Indigo, and moved the second 425 to the DJ rig--so now I run two of them. Next to that is my Audio Technica wireless mic. Inexpensive, but good sounding. In the rack case there is my Behringer DX-1000 DJ mixer. Great mixer, my friends. Lots of features, lots of inputs, good faders, and a flexible monitoring section. Below that is a Gemini power center, and below that my new Behringer 8024 EQ. Man, I love that eq! You can go into a room, play pink noise through it, measure the resulting frequencies with a measurement microphone, and acheive a FLAT tonal balance for any given room! You can then store these eq curves (up to 100) in the EQ itself, and just call them back up when you play that room again! I think I have pretty decent ears, but it would take me forver to set a 31-band eq manually to sound even remotely good as this one does! A great $200 spent at the world's best music store, Northern Kingdom Music in Rockport. (Incidently, I bought the rack case and the wireless mic there too. I would have bought the board from them, but they weren't Behringer dealers at the time.) On the right, under the second Denon CD player, is a Kenwood cassette deck with Dolby S noise reduction. It doesn't see a ton of use, but you have to have one in case someone brings a cassette they just have to hear. And, it happened yesterday. The bride's mom brought a special song she wanted played, on, you guessed it, cassette. Underneath the table is my Peavey CS-800 power amp. Not visiable in the photo: my Koss Pro 4A headphones, my Peavey TLS-115 speakers (also purchased from NKM), and two 15" Gauss subwoofers.

Now, was that interesting or what? :-)

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Actually more interesting then some of the drum stuff. Let's see more fancy photos with that new digital camera. Maybe even an mpeg or two Now that would be cool!

Posted by Jim @ 05/25/2003 08:58 PM EST

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