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05/27/2003 Entry: "La Gorda"

I wrote this on 10/3/2001

"I'm looking for a print. Of course, I'm still looking for a copy of Andy Wyeth's "Sailor's Valentine" for my sister. Now, I'm looking for a print called "La Gorda" by Antonio Reynoso. It's a B&W print of a Reubenesque Spanish woman nude in a doorway, back to us, drying her hair. It's fantastic. And unavailable."

Here she is!

So, I called the gallery in New York that has copies of the print. "We don't have any in stock, but we have a lead on one." A lead on one? Red flag goes up. "I'm just a working stiff here in Maine. How much are these things going for?" "Well," he says, "I have one listed in the already sold inventory. That went for $3500."


Looks like I need to call that museum in Mexico again.

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