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05/30/2003 Entry: "Friday nonsense"

Here's the engine that started it all: South Thomaston's Engine #4. It's a 1959 American LaFrance. If only it were an open cab. Mmm, mmm. That be it. Except, of course, for a 1929 Ahrens Fox.

It seem my Bad Mama Jama reference was a bit too obtuse. (Except for maybe my sister; she remembers it, I'm sure.) If you really wanna know, go here.

Anyone use a guestbook cgi script? I've looked at a couple. Most are too rudimentary (like Matt's). Some are just WAY too complicated. I found one that I really like. (You can see it here.) Too bad you can't center it on the page, or it screws up the cgi. Get the cgi to work right when centered, and you always leave a tag that looks like this: [/center . See, the tag's not closed. You got one you like?

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