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05/31/2003 Entry: "Bump in the road part two"

March 20th, 2001. That was the day we found out that my Dad had a growth on his kidney. It duly came out, and with God's blessing, Dad has been fine. I guess if you're going to have cancer, the kidney is a good place to have it. The kidney has some kind of tough outer membrane, and cancer there usually stays there. So it was with Dad.

Ironically, they caught it while doing a scan on his lungs.

May 30th, 2003. We just found out Sue's dad (my other Dad) has cancer of the kidney. Ironically, they were doing work on his heart when they found it.

I have every confidence that this will turn out fine. When it happened with Dad (my Dad), I was very much at peace. This time, I am even more at peace. Why? Well, no matter what happens, I know it will be for God's glory. My father (Sue's dad) has been God's servant for years. Ever since I've known Susan, her Dad's been the pastor of the South Somerville Baptist Church. Before that, he was at two other churches. He's been a pastor all of Susan's life, I think. And I've never, and I mean this, never met a man more humble, more peaceful, or more meek than John Calvin Dancer. I cannot put into words how much I respect him. Never an ill word toward anyone. Never. No guile has ever left his lips that I've ever heard. Patience? The man could give Job a run for his money. He has a very strong, yet very soft spoken wisdom. Very Yoda-esque, if you get me. There's much in him that is a good pattern for how a man should live his life. And I can't believe God's done with him here on earth yet.

So those of you that pray, pray for John. Pray that he'll continue to have that peace that he's always had. And pray for my other Mom, Donna, and pray for my beloved, that they not worry. For we know about worrying, right?

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My mother went through uterine cancer just last fall and she has been fine as well. I know what you mean when you talk about peace.

I will keep John and family in my prayers and even though I don't know him nearly as well as you do I believe everything you say about him. I admire people who make a life work out of spreading the word and bringing more people to the wonderful gift of salvation through Jesus. It is something I want to strive for more so myself.

If you guys need anything just let me know.

Posted by Jim @ 05/31/2003 11:00 AM EST

I will certainly pray for them!! ((hugs))

Posted by Maria @ 06/02/2003 02:04 PM EST

Will keep all of you in my prayers.

Posted by Gina @ 06/02/2003 03:52 PM EST

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