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06/20/2003 Entry: "Broken CDs and Dresses"

So Blind Al gave me this Sony CD player months ago. I've been using it down in my practice room to play along with on the drums. A few months ago, I had this gig with a band called Spork. They gave me a list of tunes, which I downloaded and burned to CD. Somehow, the CD slipped of the tray of the CD player downstairs, and went into the chasis somehow. No big deal. The player still worked, and I hit the gig ok, so no big loss. Until this weekend. I'm playing with Spork again, and thought I might brush up on the tunes. So at lunch, I decided to rescue the CD from the player. Holy Cow! Somehow, the CD got under the patter! I had to take the whole thing apart! How did it get in there in the first place. You'd think if there was room to get in there, there'd be room to get it out. I couldnt find it.

On to dresses. Why don't women wear dresses anymore? I love dresses. (Not on me, mind!) A dress just does something that just really brings out the beauty of the female form. It makes a woman more feminine. Well, to me anyway. I'm not trying to be misogynistic. God made the female form different than the male. A dress makes that form look the best, in my opinion. And nothing says spring/summer like a dress. The way the fabric almost floats, without clinging. The way the fabric billows in the breeze. A nice floral print, or perhaps a gingham. I think I need to buy my beloved a nice new sundress!

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