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06/21/2003 Entry: "Whoops! No brass!"

I remember one time, years ago, when I forgot to take a snare drum to a gig. I said at the time "I own 5 snares, and not a single one are here." Well, last night I remembered that my cymbal bag didn't have any crashes in it. No biggie. I went downstairs before I left for the 9am gig, and grabbed a couple from the practice room, and through them in the cab of the truck. I went to the gig, and remembered that the cymbal bag wasn't in the back of the truck at all, but in the garage. Whoops! Well, I had two crashes, and used a tambourine instead of a hi hat. Much better than when I forgot the snare. I used toms that night, and put the tambourine on the snare stand.

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Two words... "crash/rides!" :)

Posted by Citizen Keith @ 06/23/2003 09:14 AM EST

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