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06/25/2003 Entry: "Rosewood snare"

So, I didn't bid on that snare after all. I asked the seller a question, and they never got back to me, so I was feeling a little uneasy. Even then, it went higher than I would have paid. Market price right now is between $300 and $400. I knew a guy who had one with the tage still on it. He listed it on ebay for $450, and it didn't sell. So I'd of had to pay $250 for that one, and then at least another $100 to get the parts to fix it. For that much, I'll wait until one come along intact.

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I think you made the right decision! As many GREAT auctions as you come accross, it would be silly to waste your money on a snare that needs work. The rosewood is the endearing quality though, I understand that.... ;o)

Posted by Maria @ 06/27/2003 09:08 AM EST

Maybe I didn't catch your original post about this snare... what kind was it? Do you have a link to that auction? I'd love to see it...

Posted by Citizen Keith @ 06/27/2003 09:56 AM EST

Here. I've been after a Tama rosewood for years. I have cash, they don't come up for auction. I don't have cash, they'e everywhere!

Posted by BR @ 06/27/2003 10:50 AM EST

I'll keep my eyes peeled for you. We've had a number of Tama items come through the shop. We were big Tama dealers back in the 80s (I got my first "real" kit in 1984 from this very store... I was in high school and got a Swingstar kit). We've had that pretty purple/pink Grandstar kit recently, and some Imperials as well.

Posted by Citizen Keith @ 06/27/2003 12:40 PM EST

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