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06/25/2003 Entry: "Reasons 4 Love #12"

Reasons 4 Love #12

Every Wednesday those who are involved in a relationship with somebody share a few (simple but significant) reasons for their love.

I love Susan because:
She makes me happy.
Our Freshman year in college, I had just started in a band that was really getting some work. High school gigs are high school gigs. I was now playing for real cash. Susan had just got a new job, in telemarketing I think. She took some of her first pay check, and bought me a Zildjian cymbal safe. I think of her every time I use it, and I use it at every gig. It's my main cymbal "bag."
She brought me a clean towel to replace my dirty towel the other day, though I didn't ask for one. Just becuase she thought I needed a fresh towel.
She bought me some beer last night. She agonized over which kind she thought I would like, and ended up buying me a Shipyard summer pack, with Joshua Chamberlin Ale in the mix.

(O/T: Joshua's Tavern in Brunswick is named after Joshua Chamberlin. And of course, we play there about every 6 weeks. And, they have Chamberlin ale on tap. Yummy! It's one of my favorites!)

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