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07/01/2003 Entry: "Argh!"

What a day. Yesterday, I left the office at 10am with a migraine. I went home, and consumed a total 1400mgs of motrin, and two Fioricet. Then I slept 'til 3pm. Not much got done. Today started out alright. I delivered Meals on Wheels for my Kiwanis club, and was back around 11am. Then we had a quick meeting with the guys installing our new phone system. Then lunch. Then something went wrong. I spent an hour on the line with one customer. The phone was ringing off the hook. A couple of little technical problems came at the same time. I was ready to leave when 5pm came around!

Replies: 3 people have rocked the mic!

Want to switch jobs?? ;)

Posted by Chas @ 07/01/2003 09:04 PM EST

Do I get a salary and a SAAB? :-)

Posted by BB @ 07/02/2003 08:37 PM EST

Can you climb towers and manage a network?

Posted by Chas @ 07/03/2003 08:19 AM EST

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