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07/07/2003 Entry: "Busy vacation, friends"

Vacation--all I ever wanted. Vacation--have to get away. Well, not really. Julia is going to ballet day camp this week, so we can't make any long trips. But we do have some fun stuff planned. But I also have a very to do list, too. See #2: Build Walkway. I got that done last night and this morning. About 4 hours all told. And I hate manual labor. I hate it. That's why I decided to do well in school. I would way rather use my brain than my brawn. But it needed to be done for my beloved, so I obliged. Something else to cross off the list, at least.

I've got two drum lessons to give tonight, so this afternoon I'll be reorganizing the drum room in the cool basement. Good game plan, huh?

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Looks great. What is hourly fee? By the way, Phelps drums were $350 new and sold for $120 with no cymbals. Needed new heads.

Posted by Dad @ 07/07/2003 02:26 PM EST

Hourly rate? You couldn't think of a figure high enough! :-)

$350 new, eh. Hmm. Wonder how long ago he got them. Did you see him?

Posted by BR @ 07/07/2003 04:08 PM EST

Hi Billy,
Great work on the Ghost pedal!! I have something you may be interested in. I have just recieved at auction (I restore & collect vintage American Drums) a "transitional" style Ghost pedal different that the one you have listed. It is in natural aluminum, but with the two spring covers painted in a textured off-green color. It does have both the patent date AND the paper label on the support. LMK what you think!

Posted by Thomas Mintz @ 07/16/2003 01:31 PM EST

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