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07/09/2003 Entry: "To-do list getting smaller!"

I've whittled some stuff off the to-do list. The drum room is all reorganized. The honeysuckle has been planted. Also yesterday, I installed a piece of trim board on the back of the house. (And that wasn't even on the list!) Today is "non-list" day. I made a big breakfast: corn beef hash, poached eggs, toast, and coffee. Then a shower. At lunch time, we're going to the beach with Jim and Rachelle. Then we're going to visit Sue's brother Hound Dog and his wife and new daughter. Tomorrow, I plan on painting the front door and the window trim for the whole house. Friday plans? Not sure. Then Saturday, I go back to work for a few hours, the Julia's birthday cookout, and then the North Atlantic Blues Fest.

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Who you going to the fest with? Anyone?

Posted by Jim @ 07/09/2003 06:58 PM EST

I don't know how much I'll be going to the actuall festival. Julia's b-day party is Saturday, right after I get out of work. I'm playing in front of Karma Rama on Saturday night, so you should be able to see us without having to buy a ticket.

Posted by BR @ 07/10/2003 09:12 AM EST

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