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07/17/2003 Entry: "God, my Dad, and Microsoft--in that order"

There have been times that I've felt like that if there were a Protestant version of Monastery, I'd join up. Is that weird? Of course, I wouldn't do it now. I have a family I love and need to support. But if I hadn't met Susan, I could see myself devoting my life to God somehow. You know (of course you don't know, it's just a saying), I had at one point considered going to UMO to study philosophy. Useful major that would be, no?

My Dad, being his wacky self, on the front page of the local paper. Would you believe this man does Client Relations for a successful attorney based out of Maine's largest city? Me either. :-)

And what's up with Microsoft? They're crazy! On a Mac, if you want to close and application, it's Apple key and Q. Q as in Quit. Makes sense right? Windows apps are all over the place. Sometimes it's Windows key and Q, sometimes Windows and X (for exit), sometimes Windows key and C (for close). Today I hit one that was Windows key + F4! An F key? C'mon, that's crazy! Make 'em all the same Microsoft!

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Thats the double edged sword of PC software. You have so many people making it, so there is a lot of it out there, but none of it is controlled by the OS maker so you get lots of inconstancy. On the other hand, Alt-F4 will close any windows application.

Posted by shotgun @ 07/18/2003 10:28 AM EST

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