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07/28/2003 Entry: "Funny, did my sister's truck pass?"

(This part of the post was left over from the other day.) Man, am I in a funk today. I wasn't this morning. Must be a late in the day thing. Bi-polar Billy is on the loose, so watch out!

Have you watched Last Comic Standing? Susan sucked me into it. It's pretty good for reality TV. (I'm not big into reality TV. I'm not big into any TV unless it's Tales of the Gun or Mail Call or Good Eats.) Just some quick notes: Dat Phan isn't funny. No way was he funnier than Dave Mordal. Ralphie is going to win the whole thing, as that playa' knows how to rock a mic!

Well, White Lightnin' passed the Maine vehicle safety inspection today. I didn't think she'd make it. I never have a vehicle pass the first time. And since I've owned Ford trucks (the last 10 years or so), you basically do some major maintenance every year. Ball joints and brakes, ball joints and brakes was my mantra. Every third year or so, throw in some body work and exhaust work. Not this year. I guess I found a new shop to do my inspection.

My sister is still looking for the Andrew Wyeth "Sailor's Valentine" print. I finally did find an online shot . I'll keep looking, Leese.

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