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07/30/2003 Entry: "Lunch time post/music list/random quote"

(Sing to the tune of "Midnight at the Oasis")

Lunch time here at the office, ate a bagel with cheese.

Actually, it was a garlic bagel with mexacalli (jalapeno, cumin, black olive, red pepper) cream cheese, leftover from breakfast this morning. For dessert, a chocolate crossaint left over from yesterday's breakfast.

One of the guys at the office thought it would be a good idea to have a random tip show up on our homepage. Since I already had used a random quote generator on this page, I said "Hey, I have a java script I know how to use." They said "We don't want to use java. Find another way, and make it happen. So I tried this cgi script here on this page. It's actually really slick. You can log into a cgi control panel, and edit the quotes from there. So now, I need to move all my old quotes over to this new version.

Here's the MP3 playback list for today:
Alison: Elvis Costello
Rosemary: Lenny Kravitz (funny the first two are girl's names...)
Rebirth of the Slick (I'm Cool Like That): Digable Planets
Vincent: Don McLean
Don't Mess With Bill: The Marvelettes
The Look of Love: Dusty Springfield
I'm Hip: Dave Frishberg
Sex and Candy: Marcy's Playground

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