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08/04/2003 Entry: "My Fire Engine Love"

I've made a page declaring my love for South Thomaston's Engine #4.

Replies: 8 people have rocked the mic!

I think you should start a nonprofit org to perserve the engine. Then you can raise the money and reap the benefits. After all it is historical and who better to perserve an old engine than you. You even have a healthy grasp on the non-profit stuff. You just store it at OHTM. Think about it.

Posted by Jim @ 08/04/2003 10:24 PM EST

I will be the first to contribute. Come on everyone else. Let's help get him that truck. We'll find a driveway later.

Posted by Dad @ 08/05/2003 07:36 AM EST

I'm in for $50. We can start the "Friends of the Spruce Head Fire Department" and use it in all the local parades. Heck, I even have room to park it behind my house ...

I bet that with everyone's contributions we could come up with a $1000 deposit to hold it, then pay as we go.


Posted by Paddy @ 08/05/2003 08:41 AM EST

Once again, you've brought tears to my eyes. Can't we somehow e-mail this page to the Selectmen or something? There must be something we can do. I'm in to do whatever I can. (As long as you promise not to be obnoxious with the siren--hard on the nephews' ears, you know!)

Posted by Lisa @ 08/05/2003 02:11 PM EST

How about coming up with some shares that people can buy? That could be fun. They could be owner shares only and not be worth anything operationally. I would buy a few and I bet Nan would too.

Posted by Dad @ 08/05/2003 07:18 PM EST

Not only am I in but I will help raise money. Seriously I will. When Dave Frishberg comes again we can take it to Boston.... Siren going the whole way! Ok that last sentence wasn't serious.

Posted by Jim @ 08/05/2003 09:57 PM EST

"Frineds of Spruce Head Engine #1" shares at $50 each. Sign me up for one, right now. I am dead serious. But on the condition that Brother Bill is the main man.

Posted by Paddy @ 08/06/2003 08:46 AM EST

I wouldn't do shares because that means that it is owned by everyone who buys a share. I would stick with donations to your non-profit. Just my thought. It is Bill's baby so he can do as he likes of course. I see the "friends of SHE1" as an org with Bill as the curator. Might even pay himself to take care of the engine. That is totally valid.

Posted by Jim @ 08/06/2003 12:07 PM EST

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