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08/16/2003 Entry: "Last night at the gig..."

...this woman came in. Very strange looking. She was wearing a cowboy hat and a drover. Of course, it's August, and it was warm last night. Seemed a little hot for that kind of rig. She took the coat off, and her midriff was all hangin' out for all too see. Too warm to cover your belly, yet cool enough to wear a long coat. Oh, the things we do for "fashion."

Anyway, I went outside and saw this. The juxtaposition was too much, and I had to take a picture of it. The Harley is a 100th anniversary Heritage Springer. I'm not sure the model of the yellow bike, but my brother had one almost identical to it. So me and a couple of guys were admiring the Harley, joking about the scooter, when the hot/cold woman comes out, puts on a helmet, and jumps on...

The Scooter! We could hardly contol ourselves. One of the guys was trying to hail a cab. The others were heckling him, trying to get him to get a ride with Ms. Too hot Too cold. Neither would have any of it.

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