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08/18/2003 Entry: "Long Weekend for a Quote"

It was quite a weekend for me. Five gigs in three days. One good thing came of it though. Susan had not included my Sunday night gig in the budget, so she let me keep the earnings. It went immediately to the Engine #4 fund.

Speaking of Engine #4, I sent an offer to South Thomaston today. I've never made a bid for anything of this sort before. I have a feeling my bid is a little more "English major-y" that there proabably used to seeing. I may have waxed a little setimental. Of course, I did it on purpose. I hope they see that Engine #4 would go to a good home. See the "get more here" section to see what I actually sent.

(Edited. I'll put it back later, with an explaination.)

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