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08/20/2003 Entry: "Toothy Dreams"

I've had some strange dreams the last couple of nights. Let's start with Monday.

I dreamt I was in this strange store, very much like a Mardens. This and that, but mostly crap. Anyway, inside the store was a small music store, set aside in its own little room. I went inside, and they were rennovating. There was carpet rolled up and leaning on a wall, mop buckets as whatnot everywhere, and no employees to be found. It was pretty dark in there. So I left, and, just outside the door, on the outside wall, I saw stacks and stacks of cymbals behind construction debris. I was just about to play some cymbals whe I noticed my tooth was loose. I played with it with my tongue for a minute and it fell out. Great. So I put my fingers in my mouth, and noticed the tooth next to it was loose too. So i tugged on it, and a bunch more teeth came out. I tugged some more, and I was ripping teeth out of my mouth, still connected to the gums! I was pulling my teeth out in chunks! Gross!

Then last night, I had another dream. This time, I was at the Black Pearl Restaurant. Except of course, that the Pearl was at the end of the runway at the Knox County Airport. I was eating a fried oyster with Gordon Page, when I cracked a tooth. I've done this twice, so I was quite sure what was going on. I spit it out as descretely as I could, and went to the bathroom. There I found out I hadn't cracked a tooth, but a temporary crown had come off. (I've done that too.)

There are all kinds of theories about dreams about loose teeth. Perhaps I'm entering a new phase of life (baby? fire engine?). Perhaps I'm worried about impotence (no). Maybe I'm concerened about my teeth (I am a little). The Chineese believe it means you're coming into money. I vote for that one!

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