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08/23/2003 Entry: "Leftovers from yesterday"

Ebay's got a copy of Brautigan's Lay the Marble Tea. It's the first copy I've ever seen. I've now at least seen copies of most stuff. I've learned there's one book called "Return of the Rivers" that I didn't know existed. I haven't seen that one. (Of course, I just learned of it today.) And I just learned of this one today too.

I sometimes frequently get bored with the Internet. So I started randomly surfing other peoples links.I happened upon this one site that hasn't updated since June. But it had a bunch of links, so I started surfing them, starting at the bottom of the list. First link? Only one post on the page. Next link? "I'll be back in the fall." Next? "i am making a change. a rather drastic and significant change. sort of like changing one's name. i'm taking this site down." That post was May 19th. Seems like they're not in a hurry to take it down, huh. Man, I fell bad if I go 3-4 days without a post. I can't imagine going a month!

(Update) Just went to the next link off that page. Bad link. Let's see what the next one bings... Aha! URL could not be found! Next... Some kind of meme. Nothing to see here. Next... Another meme. Next... Ok something real here.

You know what? In reality, I'm a jerk.

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