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08/23/2003 Entry: "Last night's gig at the Drowning Dolphin"

I played in Bar Harbor last night. I won't name where. (If you want to know, there's an easy way to find out...) The bar tender was a complete bag. I would just as soon never play in a club she's working in ever again. She was rude to the band, the customers, her staff, and her boss. (If I were the boss, she'd have been long gone.) At one point she made the comment "I'm in the wrong business. I hate people." I agreed with her!

Tonight, though, we're at Brian Boru it Portland, one of the nicest places to play on Earth. I can't think of a nicer place to play, really. Nice people, free dinner, free bar (just two beers for me, please). And usually, the crowd is very appreciative.

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I never have played there myself, but it is certainly my favorite place to go see you play.

Posted by mlg @ 08/23/2003 11:50 PM EST

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