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08/25/2003 Entry: "This then, is the end of the matter"

Engine #4 sold this weekend for $3000. The town got what they were after. As my boss pointed out to me, it was the job of the chief to try and lower taxes and get the most he could for it. (Whether the tax payers will see any of that 3k is another matter...) And I totally agree with him. I just wish I had been given the honesty and respect someone dealing in good faith should get, in my opinion. And when I related my story to someone who actually works with the town (who shall remain nameless), that person said "That sounds just like him. That's the kind of guy he is." Anyway, #4 has a new owner, and I hope he respects her the same way I do.

Oh, and just for fun, lets see where this truck and this truck end up. (That second is the same year as #4. The only difference is it's assembled by Orens, not Alfie. But you can see the similarities, no?)

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Truck number two is by far the best truck.

Posted by Dad @ 08/25/2003 08:36 PM EST

I think ethics and honor in business are important and they are something that are seriously lacking.

There was a time when the word of a gentlmen was solid gold. Nobody trusts anyone anymore and a lot of that is because people use making money as an excuse to dismiss ethics and morality.

It is true that the chief should try to get as much as he can for the engine however the chief should make a plan and then excute it. Not make one plan and after people have committed themselves change that plan and go another direction.

You can't trust anybody to do the right thing anymore. It is sad.

Posted by Jim @ 08/25/2003 10:58 PM EST

I can't help but note the irony: the "qoute" at the top of the page is "All things work together for good to those who love the Lord. Rom. 8:28" I have no doubt that there is something much better in the future.

Posted by beloved @ 08/26/2003 08:44 PM EST

Also, the title of the post is from Ecclesiasties. "This then is the end of the matter--to serve God and keep his commandments, for that is the whole duty of man."

Posted by BR @ 08/26/2003 09:24 PM EST

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