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09/02/2003 Entry: "Julia's First Day of School"

Today was Julia's first day of "real" school. I say real, because she's been going to pre-school for the last two years. But today she started kindergarten. We all got up at 6:30, and had coffee. My mom and dad stopped by just before Julia had to leave. Here, Julia shows Grammy-Nan her freshly painted nails. (I really loved the crossed legs.) This shot shows Julia with her Cinderella lunch box and ballet styled book bag. She looks really petite in this picture, doesn't she!

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There weren't any girls that cute when I was five. They used to be things that were awful not awesome.

Posted by Dad @ 09/02/2003 08:35 PM EST

aww!..what a cutie!...i want to go to kindergarten!..

Posted by sarah @ 09/05/2003 06:59 AM EST

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