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09/06/2003 Entry: "Weekend Off!"

I have the weekend off! No work, no gigs, no nothing! I haven't had one of these since April--like 20 weeks! And what did I do with that weekend off? Nothing! (I must admit, though, today we're going shopping in Portland. And I MUST go to either the Maccaroni Grill or Ricettas. I also want to look at some home improvement stuff, and maybe some clothes, and clothes for Julia.)

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Ricetta's Bay-Bee!

Posted by Paddy @ 09/06/2003 09:35 AM EST

If you want Pizza Ricetta's is great but if you want REAL italian food then Cinque Terre is where you want to go.
Cinque Terre

Posted by Jim @ 09/06/2003 12:51 PM EST

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