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09/13/2003 Entry: "Last Night's Weird Dream"

I had another wacked out dream last night. Wanna hear about it? Good.

It started out by me being in a combination cemetary/diner. Neat huh? It was somewhat open air, and people dined among the grave stones. I was talking with someone (can't remember who) about helping out someone in need.

Cut to Rooster's house. (Real life insert: I used to play in a band with this guitar player nicknamed Rooster. We had a bit of a falling out, as he owes me a couple of hundred bucks. More of that story later, if you want it.) I was helping him sheetrock his basement. The building inspector came in. The part of the building inspector was played by this guy. The house was being help up by four lally columns. The inspector demanded we cut into the columns so he could inspect them from the inside! So we sliced a piece out, and he inspected it. Then, he decided to jack up the house a little more. Upon his doing so, one corner of the house dropped down, and started to slide into the basement. We all grabbed the supports we were using to sheetrock the ceiling, and we pushed the corner back up, lowered the lally, and all was right. How 3-4 guys were able to hold up a house with some 2X4s is beyond me. The building inspector swore up and down that what he did was unrelated to the house colapsing.

This part is a little foggy. I'm back outside at the cemetary restaurant. For some reason, six or eight cute short Chinese women were trying to take over the place. I leapt into action, climbed onto the balcony that looked inward towards the dinners, grabbed my .45, and started shooting. For some reason, my .45 was shooting high. (I guess we know were that part comes from!) So I was aiming at their feet to take them down. I was out of ammo, and luckily the 2-3 suvivors surrendered. I went to this wounded Chinese shooter on the ground, and gave her some comfort. She was injured badly, but not mortally. I remember thinking she seemed like a nice girl. She was very nice to me when I was helping her. What turned her into a rampaging fighter?

Then I woke up.

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Wanna know what is REALLY weird? Sean Cash just helped Rooster fix up his house and part of the work was replacing some lally columns in the basement! There was one column that almost gave way and it was touch and go for a bit there I guess with the floor sagging and all. Brother Bill, the Telepathetic Drummer!

Posted by Paddy @ 09/13/2003 06:05 PM EST

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