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09/14/2003 Entry: "Muffins, guns and money"

It's Sunday morning. I got up early to make blueberry muffins and coffee for the girls. Jim, JP, and I went to the range and shot up some more paper last night. I've got my .22 sighted in pretty well now. That's 10 rounds, 50 yards, prone, with the gin resting on my shooting box. Although the rifle itself isn't the prettiest thing in the world, she sure does shoot pretty well.

My laserdisc for Dead Poets Society showed up yesterday too. I've been looking for that one a long time. The LD has extra footage on it--footage not available on the DVD. And speaking of DVD extra footage, did you hear the Indiana Jones trilogy was being re-released on DVD, with Dolby Digital sound and an extra disc with 200 minutes of extras? It came up in my Amazon "Gold Box" offers, so I pre-ordered it.

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Never rest your gin on your shooting box ... it might spill due to recoil!

Posted by Paddy @ 09/14/2003 09:55 AM EST

Don't worry! I have one of those Shooter's Martini rifle/glass combos!

Posted by BR @ 09/14/2003 02:56 PM EST

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