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09/15/2003 Entry: "Cool stuff at lunch"

I took some time at lunch today to move some furniture. You see, my buddy Jim and his dad (Jim) gave me their old desk. Of course, they gave me their previous old desk too. So I moved old desk A, and replaced it with new old desk B. Desk A went on the front lawn with a "Free" sign on. 15 minutes later, it was gone.

Then, I spent a minute perusing the new Modern Drummer magazine. It's their Super Snare Drum issue. Ouch! Anyway, they hilite dozens of snare manufacturers, tell a little about them, and show a sample of their work. So there, in the section describing The Bearing Edge Custom Drums, you see a picture of who? That's right! It's a picture of Wellman! Wellman is the sample photo in Modern Drummer, a national magazine! Cool!

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About time this famous session drummer got some recognition!

Posted by Groovemaster @ 09/16/2003 10:30 AM EST

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