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09/22/2003 Entry: "Dreaming of strange yellow and red guitar players"

Yowza! Check out this yellow Pirsch fire truck at auction. I've always had a thing for yellow fire trucks. Cushing used to have one that always caught my eye. But I think newer trucks look ok in yellow. Like these. That Pirsch would look way better in red. Other than that, I'd love a truck like that: a little art deco looking on the grill, open cab, lots of room in the bed for kids on a trip to the ice cream store... Smooth.


Did you see this story about local Jazz Group Erdasa? The guitar player for the group is also the guitar player for Billy Rhythm and his Uptown Rhythm Kings. See what they said about his playing?

"Clarke riffs effortlessly on his electric with both a superb sense of rhythm and playfulness. His work is clean and spontaneous.

See what he said about drummers?

...having a drummer would cause too much of a framework and be "too restrictive."



Can you believe I had a crazy dream last night? Really, I did! I don't remember most of it, but I remember Susan and I were getting gas on a cold winter evening in East Nowhereville. (For some reason, I believe I was either in Millinnocket or Rumford/Mexico. ) I was on the way home from a gig, yet it didn't feel extremely late. I pumped $12.01 in gas. (I remember the amount, because I put $11 in the front tank, and went to put $1 in the rear tank--White Lightnin' has two tanks, see. I slipped over a penny on the rear tank.) I went inside to pay, and the total came to $13.40 or something like that. I said "How can that be? I pumped $12.01, and have bought nothing else. How can it be $13.40?"

The guy behind the register says "The machine here says $13.40."

I said "The pump outside says $12.01."

He says "Oh no, the pumps broken again..." He then starts biting his lip and fidgeting. I knew he had no idea how to fix the problem.

"Look," I said, "I'll pay the extra $1.40 just so I can get out of here. It's not worth it to me."

So, I paid for the gas, and went back outside to the truck where Susan was waiting. (I just thought of something... Where's Julia when this all goes down? And why is Susan coming home from a gig with me?) I went to start the truck, and she just cranked and cranked. Odd. I switched gas tanks. Same thing. I remember thinking either there was water in the gas, or I just filled my tanks with diesel. I thought "If I had used diesel, maybe that's why I had the problem inside with the price!" (Why I thought that is beyond me, but hey, it's my strange dream!)

Then I woke up. I knew immediately I was dreaming, and White Lightnin' wasn't really broken. That made me happy. Or, as happy as one can be at 3:30 in the morning.

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