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10/13/2003 Entry: "Dave Clarke and the Frameworkers"

Have you seen what's been written about Uptown Rhythm Kings guitarist David Clarke recently?

...(the) haunting chords are played by David Clark. He dances through all seven songs nimbly like the musician he is, which is an excellent one. His playing greatly compliments Goldenthal’s silky singing. Clark’s lead guitar breaks dance their way in and out of each songs complex jazz chord progression... That was in the Casco Bay Weekly.

Village Soup reported "Clarke riffs effortlessly on his electric with both a superb sense of rhythm and playfulness. His work is clean and spontaneous." (Yes, that's the same article in which he agreed that sometimes drummers cause "too much framework.")

So, yall should check out the Erdasa web site. And, if you see them live, make sure you mention to them how good that group would sound if they had a little more framework! :-)

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I just read your interesting article on the Ghost pedal.My question to you is,Did the Ghost pedal have a larger size felt beater ball than the normal felt beater? According to an article by Mel Lewis he had a supply of Ghost beaters.
Also,you may be able to find the name of the Navy guy who designed the pedal in the Navy Log under the Lone Sailor or another source would be the DOD files listed in Military.Com.

Posted by tony cappiello @ 10/15/2003 12:13 AM EST

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