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10/15/2003 Entry: "Baseball"

It's time for me to comment. I'm not into sports. At all. Of all the sports, the one I like to watch best would be baseball. (Watch on TV that is. To watch live, I'd rather watch football. Basketball for me is also a live sport. Basketball on TV is boring to me.) And, being from Maine, I root for the Red Sox. How much do I root? Well, if I'm playing a gig, and the Sox are on, I watch it. Frequently, I like to fall asleep to the Sox on a Sunday afternoon. I know that Garciaparra does that wacky thing with his batting gloves. I know Pedro is a good pitcher, but maybe a little cocky. I know who Yaz was. Jim Rice was my favorite baseball player ever. I saw the ball go through Buckner's legs. Other than that, I'm in the dark. Is Trot Nixon right handed or left? Got no idea.

That all being said, I've listened to the games a little over the last week or so. Susan and I sat and listened to the game tonight. I was listening in the truck when the Yanks went up 6-4. I had written them off at that point. I fixed the dude's computer, and drove home. I heard the tripple and the error--was that Garciaparra that hit that? What, six inning or so? Anyway, listening was fun. I hope they go to the series. Cubs and Sox? Wicked. Last time Sox won in 1918, they beat, you guesed it, the Cubs.

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