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10/22/2003 Entry: "A follow up to last night"

Just home from a trade show. 12 hours. It's a long week for me. Luckily, the guy who producing the new TV commercial asked to reschedule. Fine by me!

Ron Von Doom over at Random Abstract noted that Darin had linked back to me. Thanks Darin! I'll get a link up to you here shortly.

Remember how Jim bought me a new pair of pants? Well, I was a little worried they wouldn't fit if they shrunk any, so I went to JC Penney to exchange them for the next size up. I shop at Penneys maybe once a year. The one here in Rockland is not very inviting. They have the windows blacked out, for crying out loud. Anyway, while I was there, I looked around. And what did I see. There were about 40 people in there--quite a few really. I looked for some pants, and guess what? They had them in my size, in stock. Heck, I tried to buy a shirt at Wal-Mart a couple of weeks ago, and only found one with a 17 1/2 neck. Of course in Penneys, they were everywhere. Sure, more expensive, but wait for a sale, and you get a deal. I'll have to shop there more frequently.

Thanks to Mack at Northern Kingdom Music. He's sent me quite a few drum students recently. Three, in fact. I now give three drum lessons on Monday, and two on Tuesday. It makes up for the complete lack of gigs recently.

I've got an idea for a cgi script: the random liberal bumper sticker generator. Note, this is copywritten by me, on the date above. The idea is to take a random poem generator, change the words, and make a random liberal bumper sticker generator. "Visualize a Cuban bake sale." "I'm pro-Tibet, and I vote."

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Oh I know your pain! It's trade show (home show) week for me.

Thanks for the mention in your blog!

Cool idea for the bumper sticker generator.

Posted by Darin @ 10/23/2003 07:06 AM EST

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