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10/31/2003 Entry: "Pirate Drums, looted the Gretsches"

Couple of things going on here. First, I traded the Gretsches. Yes, I know, trading drums is usually not a good idea. But, it's been almost 1 year since I had some "new" drums. And the Gretsches weren't getting played. Last time I played them with Blind Al was in August. I played them with Mac once in late August. Since then, they've just been sitting in the truck. So a budy of mine emailed and wanted to know if I knew anyone interested in a set of Roland electric drums. I told him I'd be interested if he wanted to trade. And he was. So I gave him the Gretsches and a set of Zildjian hi-hats I bought off Barry, and he gave me a Roland TD-7 drum set.
Julia seems to like them ok.

Tonight, Spork is playing at the Waterworks, dresses as pirates. For those of you not coming to the show, you can have a sneak peek of my costume. Susan said I reminded her of Mr. Smee. Of course, my belly won't be exposed. I've also realized I don't have a pirate face--I'm too boyish. I need more scars, and fewer teeth, to be an authentic pirate.

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