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11/10/2003 Entry: "Updates on Some Peeps"

Dad is in Boston. He had lab work today, and has his biopsy tomorrow. I paid a sad dollar at Kiwanis today. My normally loud voice got very quiet. My normally gregarious self found it hard to speak above a whisper. Still, I know all things work to the best for those who love God, and I'm sure Dad does, so no matter what happens, it will be the best for Dad, and for others.

I wrote to Maria today. (Her site is Dazed and Confused, linked on the side there.) It's odd for Maria to go a day without posting. She did mention things were getting busy at work, but she hasn't posted in a while, so I shot her an email. Seems her host is having problems, and she can't get to her publishing files. Sounds like what happened to poor Keith (who's mostly back up now). Anyway, she sends her best to you all.

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